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2017 Presidents Report to the Members

2017 Presidents Report to the Members


Presidents 2017 Report to the Annual Meeting

of the members of the

Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce

It is usual for presidential annual reports to start by saying it has been a fabulous year and that all is good for the future. At this time I can say that it has been a great year for the chamber, but we need to be aware that the financial processes that we have been using over a long period of time is on the verge of change.

Some of you will be aware that we have had the extension for some 12 months of the contract with the Central Coast Council for the position of the Wyong Town Centre coordinator. This commenced on 30th of June of this year. By having this position extended means that we still have some of our chamber costing shared with the town coordinators position, which traditionally has been administered from our office.

I am quite sure that at the end of June next year Central Coast Council will take over looking after the Town Centre and the coordination of same will more than likely be under their own management. This of course means that we will not have part sharing of some of the chamber costs.

The board of management of your chamber identified back in 2015 and moved forward on a plan in early 2016 to establish a business that would assist the future funding of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce.

A few have worked very hard to establish the Central Coast Car Market Pty Ltd. This is a website business with two display days a month at the Zenith business Centre in the Tuggerah Business Park. This business gives the opportunity for those who wish to sell privately their cars, boats, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and pretty near anything else that they want to move on.


The Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce has been operating since the September of 1925.

How can our members help the Chamber

1.         Help us to promote Central Coast Car Market. Very important.

2.         Support our chamber functions at least by providing one person per event. Will be more than helpful.

3.         Assist in continuing a membership drive.          We need you to talk about the Chamber.

4.        If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor the Chamber   This would be great.  

This report should acknowledge those on board who have contributed to the Chamber over the last year.

Everyone in there own way contributed to the running of the business of the chamber, some over the last few years and some through the last year. To mention a few, we had Donna Lalor, Mark Stagg, Steve New. A huge thanks for your contribution.

It is pleasing to see that we have been able to replace these people on our board with new faces Joanne Cho, Glenn Zocher, and Nathan Johns. Plus a huge thanks to Darren Hooper, who stepped up to the Vice Chairs position.

I'm aware of another couple of our directors who may not be standing for position this year. I'm also aware of the fact that others have nominated to fill the positions that may become vacant.


You all would be very much aware of the situation regarding the office. Katrina is under contract with Job Centre Australia and works at this time 15 hours a week and is very involved with the car market operations and also involved with the administration of the chamber.

Amanda Flynn has elected to work 7.5 hours a week and is looking after the wages, financial recording and reporting and other important matters surrounding that area of chamber business plus the annual meeting and more. I really need to see Amanda's hours move as quickly as possible to 15 hours a week and more if we can do it.

Nicole Thompson our Town Centre Coordinator has been powering along and has developed the Town Centre Coordinator’s website and the business community of Wyong. Nicole is working closely with all aspects of her responsibility and of course is working closely with the other two ladies in the office.

Susan Rodak whilst being under the pump with her own business has done a sterling job as Treasurer and has worked tirelessly on the budgets for the WTCC, the Chamber and Central Coast Car Market. We believe that our budget for the coming year should cover Amanda for 15 hours per week but Amanda caring about the chamber has elected to do fewer hours for a short time.

You can imagine that with fewer hours in the office that there would be a few matters that may not get the specialised attention that is normal. My hope is that with your help we all will be able to assist the chamber to move positively forward.

I feel that with our budget and the various items therein, there are some ways where we can improve our bottom line and at the same time promote the Chamber. If you feel that you can assist in some of these matters please let us know.

This month has been quite busy with much to be re-organised and attended to by staff, Susan, Darren and myself we have endeavoured to put in place a plan for the future.

I have been very active in investigating the possibilities of gaining the assistance of an IT group to advise but not takeover our three website situations and at the same time looking at a far greater coverage of social media to both promote the Central Coast Car Market and Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce. We are moving into a third meeting in this regard and it is my intention to have this in place in the very near future.

I would like also to get installed the three near new computers which we have been given. Can anyone assist us???


My phone number is  Mob 0407 434 547




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