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We need your comments and input for the Wyong Employment Lands Study

Patrick Zuluaga - Thursday, March 22, 2012

SGS Economics and Planning is conducting an Employment Lands Study for the Wyong Shire Council with a particular focus on industrial land.

 As a part of the study they are consulting with stakeholders in the area, including major landowners/developers, government organisations, consultants and real estate agents with a good knowledge of the Wyong/Central Coast area.

 As President of the Wyong Chamber of Commerce we would very much appreciate your insight on certain aspects of this study. To this end, it would be great if you could answer some of the following questions to the best of your ability. Feel free to ignore any questions that are beyond your realm of knowledge. 

 1.    In your opinion what are the pre-conditions for the attraction/retention of industry in the Wyong Shire?

2.    What role do you think planning and development controls play in industry attraction and development, and how are they barriers to development?

3.    What are the major economic drivers for Wyong, highlighting strengths and weaknesses? (e.g. infrastructure, access, services, lands, population growth, other drivers)

4.    What do you think would be the most appropriately targeted industries for future expansion in the Wyong Shire?

5.    What would be a realistic role for Council or State Government in attracting those industries?

6.    What is your opinion on the role and future of the different industrial precincts (including Tuggerah Business Park) in the Wyong Shire?

7.    In your opinion, what are the key opportunities and threats for different industries (e.g. manufacturing, warehousing, service industry, commercial services, construction) in the Wyong Shire?

8.    Are there any other issues with any of the industrial precincts?

9.    Anything else you would like to add?

Please comment on this blog by 30th March, 2012.   The results will be compiled and a report forwarded to SGS.

Pacific Highway Wyong - Call for Comments

Chamber Administration - Wednesday, December 14, 2011



NSW Transport – Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) have released a new plan for the upgrade of the Pacific Highway in Wyong. This plan shows little change to that presented a few years ago. No further comment is being sought on proposals for anything other than four lanes through town.

The RMS state that this is the preferred option, based upon feedback previously received from the community.

Members of the board of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce recently met with both the NSW Transport Minister and the NSW Roads Minister to voice our concerns and opposition to the current plan. It is very important for you to have your say on the proposal.

You can see a copy of the proposal by visiting the RTA Office in Wyong or download a copy <click here>

Make your say count please include the following details in your post below;

Include your Business Name (Optional & If applicable) 
Include your Home Suburb 
Copy your preferred statement as outlined below

1 -  I do not support the RMS plan presently on display, an alternative route must be sought.
2 -  I do not support the RMS plan presently on display, it needs further work.
3 -  I would support the RMS plan presently on display, but it needs further work.
4 -  I do support the RMS plan presently on display in its current format.

And / or add further Comments

“Make you say count, return this form by Friday 20th January, 2012”

Pacific Highway Wyong - Wyong Town Centre Planning Study - Community Consultation Strategy

Chamber Administration - Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is seeking community feedback on the revised preferred option for the future upgrade of the Pacific Highway through Wyong.

Download PDF here

Darren Webber MP Member for Wyong  -  MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday, 23 November 2011        read more

Your feedback is Welcome by Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce.   Your feedback will enable us to put forward comments as requested by RMS by 23rd January, 2012

Wyong is overdue for Arts Facility Funding to Wyong. Support The Art House now!

Patrick Zuluaga - Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Following years of development Wyong Shire Council, in collaboration with a Working Party of local community, education arts and business representatives (including Wyong Chamber of Commerce), has completed a Business Plan and DA-approved design for The Art House, an arts and conference centre that will serve the area's growing dance, drama, arts and educational needs. All that is needed now is State and Federal funding to build this much needed facility.

With the Central Coast competing with other regions for arts funding, now is the time to let local State and Federal Members and Ministers know that The Art House is needed. Council has been presenting the case for this facility to arts funding bodies since 2007. Now they need to hear from the community and businesses. By writing to your local members and Ministers you will let them know this project is a priority for the area.

The Art House ambassador Josh Horner (Wyong-born international dancer, choreographer and judge for Dancing for the Stars), states; "A venue to support performers and artists is long overdue for Wyong. So many younger people here have aspirations for dance, theatre and music. They shouldn't have to continue leaving the region to develop their potential. The opportunities should be right here."

Council's strategy to fund the $24M capital cost for The Art House involves seeking $8M each from State and Federal Government and $7.5M from developer contributions.

Unlike other regions, the Central Coast has not received any significant cultural infrastructure funding since the 1988 establishment of Laycock Theatre in 1988. Since then, the growing region's creative activities have been frustrated by a lack suitable venues.

Wyong dance schools and their audiences currently travel to Newcastle for rehearsal and performance venues, the Central Coast Conservatorium's regional program is undermined by a lack of facilities in the north, national touring productions and training programs bypass the region, and, drama and musical groups having to adapt the redundant 1964 Memorial Hall to present their high quality productions.

With Wyong's population to exceed Gosford's by 2020 the northern part of the coast is overdue for State and Federal support for cultural infrastructure to serve the growth area.

Further information: Stuart Slough, Cultural Planner Wyong Shire Council. T: 43505511  E:

>> As requested by members here is additional information from Stuart Slough of WSC regarding “The Art House” >> Download Now

Chamber Update - May 2011

Patrick Zuluaga - Wednesday, May 04, 2011
We’ve just finished a very busy time at the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce and we the road ahead looks just as interesting.

We’ve farewelled some long term members of the board in Peter Ruben and Ray Wealleans and I am pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Sharpe and Marcus Kroek as board members through to our AGM which will be held later in the year. I’m sure that both Richard and Marcus will be valuable additions to the board and we thank them for donating their time along with all the members of the board.

We have also put the finishing touches to a new sponsorship program which will allow us to better acknowledge all our sponsors and hopefully provide a great tool to seek out new sponsors for the chamber. We have an immediate need for a business to help us fund some new computers for our office so that we can automate many of the manual tasks which Karen and Sharyn perform on a regular basis and to provide quicker more efficient services to our members. If you can assist with this or feel that you can provide sponsorship, please contact either Karen McLean or myself to discuss. We’ll make sure that you receive the recognition your business deserves for supporting the chamber.

We are making progress on the opt-in process for the NSW Business Chamber Alliance Program. Once we have 50% of our members opt-in, the agreement will be formalised and the NSW Business Chamber will provide your business with either a free limited membership or discounted full membership into the NSW Business Chamber provided you maintain membership of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. If you’d like more information, please contact either Karen McLean or myself to discuss. Alternatively, you can visit to complete the opt-in process online.

We will shortly be performing a survey of all our members and would really appreciate it if when you are contacted if you can take two minutes to complete this information for us as it will assist us with our planning for next year. I’d also love to hear from you as to generally how we are going, it’s now more than half way through our term on the board and it would be wonderful to hear both the things that we do well and also area’s which we could improve on. I can be contacted via email

Please don’t forget our next meeting which is a breakfast meeting on May 24th and will now be held at Wyong Bowling Club.

More Member Entitlements at No Extra Cost!

Patrick Zuluaga - Sunday, March 27, 2011

More member entitlements at no extra cost

I am pleased to advise that Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce has entered into a proposed alliance with Central Coast NSW Business Chamber to bring even more benefits to our members. This alliance means that you can elect to become a member of the NSW Business Chamber at no extra cost to your business. You will receive a ‘limited’ membership including the entitlements below.

For Wyong Regional Chamber members that are also an existing member with the NSW Business Chamber, upon your next renewal with the NSW Business Chamber, you will receive a discount off this membership in place of the limited membership.

This can’t happen without our members support, we need at least 50% of all our financial members to opt in to the service before it comes into reality. Please help the Chamber provide these benefits to our members by clicking on the link below.

Limited Membership includes:

  • Workplace Advice Line – connects you to workplace specialists that can provide sound independent advice on matters such as pay, leave entitlements and modern awards. Trusted business information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our detailed “Ask Us How” online business guides, member tips and resources. There are over 160 business guides on topics such as marketing, sales, people, processes and finance.
  • Online health check for your business providing you with a report that benchmarks areas of high performance, as well as opportunity for improvement within your business. Great to use with your Accountant and Business Banker.
  • Business Legals toolkit - download legally compliant templates and samples of commercial documents.

Action Required

Simply complete the opt-in form by clicking this link and following the prompts.

By opting into this alliance, not only do you receive direct benefits to your business, you will become apart of the ‘Chamber Movement’ to create a united voice for business on the Central Coast.

For more information please contact our office on 4352 2643, or the Central Coast NSW Business Chamber - Regional Manager, Daniel Farmer on 0414 803 466.

Peter Miller President – Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce


Patrick Zuluaga - Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Friday and Saturday April 29 & 30 Gosford City’s Bridgecoast Stadium, Duffys Rd, Terrigal >> Download Press Release

Wyong United Against RTA Plans

Patrick Zuluaga - Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Wyong Warriors lobby group have united to voice their opposition to the current State Government and RTA plans to push a four lane highway through the centre of Wyong.

In a joint statement signed by the President of the Chamber, Mr Peter Miller and the Chairman of the Wyong Warriors, Mr Mark Hoddinott, the two groups have stated: “Whilst we welcome all initiatives to improve traffic flow in and around Wyong, we will not support any plans that have a negative economic and social impact on the businesses and citizens of the town of Wyong. The town of Wyong is an important heritage, retail and administrative hub and its business owners and citizens deserve to have their town maintained and enhanced by thoughtful and sensible traffic solutions.

We will only support plans that demonstrate such a commitment and continue to lobby against anything less than that. We are tired of our town being treated as ‘second rate’ with road planning focus directed at transporting people to major retail shopping centres. Like many traditional Central Coast towns we offer up a unique and competitive environment for business and citizens. We direct all decision makers and politicians not to ignore the best interests of our town and its citizens.”

Editors Contacts: Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce: Peter Miller 02 4352 7777 Wyong Warriors : Mark Hoddinott 02 4349 4999 or 0438 256 927

Wyong Township’s Focus on Safety

Patrick Zuluaga - Sunday, February 06, 2011
The township of Wyong has implemented steps to improve the safety of residents, businesses and shoppers by applying for a grant to install CCTV security cameras throughout the town’s shopping centre. ‘People need to feel and be safe when they are conducting their daily business activities’ Wyong Town Coordinator Karen McLean said. The grant application has been successful and it is expected that the cameras will be installed by the end of February this year’. The cameras will be installed at key locations in the town and will provide 24 hour surveillance of the business precinct. Initially six cameras will be installed at three locations. Each camera can be rotated and is capable of reading the number plate of a car at approximately 200 metres distance. The surveillance system will be monitored by Unique Security Group 7 days a week. Unique Security are providing this service at no charge as part of their ‘good neighbour’ policy. ‘We would particularly like thank Mr Mark Izzard of Unique Security for offering to conduct this service for Wyong Township’ ‘The Chamber of Commerce also thanks Mr David Harris MP for Wyong for his assistance in obtaining the grant funding through the Community Building Partnership Fund’.

Karen McLean new Chamber Manager / Town Coordinator

Patrick Zuluaga - Monday, January 10, 2011
I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Some may still be fortunate enough to still be on or yet to take their leave, if so, please stay safe. I'l like to take the opportunity to introduce Karen McLean as our new Chamber Manager / Town Coordinator. Karen was introduced to those present at our December breakfast meeting and officially started today, January 10th, 2011. Karen's appointment marks an exciting start to 2011, it's going to be a busy year and our board has plenty of ideas to help advance the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce and the township of Wyong. Karen will be in our office Monday to Wednesday and can be contacted via telephoning the office or by email, If you're in the area and would like to introduce yourself, please do so.

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